Spartacus Is Your Strength

For Long Workdays & Serious Gaming

We were made for action. Our energy, focus, and perseverance are all dulled by endless hours of passivity, and that’s why Gladiator decided to create a solution that will make you feel like a warrior again.

With our first-generation ergonomic chair for offices, we are giving everyone the option of stepping back into the arena, fully energized and determined to show the world what they’re made of!

Every feature of this perfectly structured design comes together to give you an office chair built for comfort and designed to enhance your performance. Just like the human body, this solution was purposefully designed to support specific activities, and this means you will never again experience the stressors that negatively impact your body and soul.

Now you can tackle every workday feeling focused and motivated to overachieve, because you’ll have the confidence that comes from being empowered to perform at your best. And once you’ve finished with your job, you can seamlessly switch to play mode without even having to stretch first. This is the professional and gamer’s weapon of choice, so enter the battle!

Gladiators seek to best all. That is how they survive. – Spartacus